Changing application icons in the menu bar of Mac OS X

All know how to change more or less straightforward application icons in Mac OS X. However, there are some icons that we are always visible in our office and whose alteration is not so easy, the bar menus.


So, let’s see how to change the icons on the menu bar of Mac OS X applications resident, easily and with an example. Before we begin, we explain a little what these icons and to serve: Used to show the user applications on which residents can interact. There are residents of the system applications, including selection of Wi-Fi Airport, the administrator of battery, clock or even Spotlight. And then there are those that each user is installed, such as Evernote, Dropbox, Remote Buddy … The particularity of these icons is that they can have several states. For example, a mail notifier picture change if we mail or otherwise, or for example the implementation of Dropbox has different icons to indicate which is being updated in the cloud, for example. We can change only one of these icons, but to be consistent, we should change them all. Let’s see how.…

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Home Firefox, Mozilla Application for trying to enter the iPhone

In Mozilla seeking to enter the iPhone from a totally opposite to that taken by Opera a few weeks ago. Everyone was amazed with the acceptance of Apple’s iPhone application for this browser, but the results were not as good as should have been.

Mozilla is not going to try to publish a browser, Firefox Home publish an application that will allow you to sync all data from the desktop Firefox. From Mozilla declare that to the possibility of a full browser is rejected in App Store, either due to technical or policy of the App Store, prefer to bring the possibility for any Firefox user can access the most important data from your desktop version. The history, tabs, bookmarks will be accessible through this application and loaded by Safari. Apple tyrannical policy on occasion, can lead to nonsense like this, that the user does not have something as basic liberty (and a priori harmless) as the choice of which browser to use. But with this implementation at least, we will ensure access to quickly and easily to the data that we have been using our desktop Firefox browser. The application, which will use Firefox Sync, promises to be free but as you can see in the video there is still time for the application appear in the App Store. More Info | The Mozilla Blog…


Prince of Persia Retro on your iPhone / Touch / IPAD

One game I remember most fondly is the famous Prince of Persia original. Before giving his jump to three dimensions, the game of prince became a classic lifelike animations by combining the characters and fluidity of movement not seen in a videogame.

From today we can play the classic game Prince of Persia Retro on the iPhone / iPod Touch / IPAD, and just made its appearance in the App Store. Despite being the original adventure, graphics correspond to the second part of it, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. The controls leave a bit to be desired, especially taking into account that games platforms are most in need of a good control when you press the buttons and implement actions in due time. Unable to set the position of the same, which deducts points in this assessment. At least this comment is that the iPhone version, I do not know how will the user experience in an IPAD. Best of all is that, for very little money, 0.79 euros, can play a classic video game that has aged extremely well over time. And, as in the original game, we only have 1 hour to save the princess. That if we get used to the controls, which is already an adventure in itself. More info | Prince of Persia Retro…


Kaleidoscope, application to compare files quickly and easily

Kaleidoscope is an application that allows you to quickly compare the differences between text files or images. Detect faults with it, added to or revised text and image files becomes easy and convenient as highlights each of these differences automatically.

All with a truly exquisite design and very Mac-style do for various reasons if you are continually comparing files (. psd,. txt,. png,. jpg,. html ,…) Kaleidoscope is an essential application. Let us further operation.…

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MobileRSS HD, the perfect feed reader for the IPAD

Although over time Google Reader has become the default feed reader of many people, there are still great alternatives on the market for reading feeds locally. In problem that has the IPAD is that there is still an adapted version of Google Reader so it is essential to use a good feed reader, in this case we speak of MobileRSS.

Sure the name sounds as you not long ago I showed this program for the iPhone and iPod touch. Its developers have now released an adaptation of the IPAD program and from the moment one of the best for the team. The application has nothing we have not seen in the version of the iPhone, but that it is what makes it such a good application. Repeat formula but thanks to the device now has much more helpful…