Changing application icons in the menu bar of Mac OS X

All know how to change more or less straightforward application icons in Mac OS X. However, there are some icons that we are always visible in our office and whose alteration is not so easy, the bar menus.


So, let’s see how to change the icons on the menu bar of Mac OS X applications resident, easily and with an example. Before we begin, we explain a little what these icons and to serve: Used to show the user applications on which residents can interact. There are residents of the system applications, including selection of Wi-Fi Airport, the administrator of battery, clock or even Spotlight. And then there are those that each user is installed, such as Evernote, Dropbox, Remote Buddy … The particularity of these icons is that they can have several states. For example, a mail notifier picture change if we mail or otherwise, or for example the implementation of Dropbox has different icons to indicate which is being updated in the cloud, for example. We can change only one of these icons, but to be consistent, we should change them all. Let’s see how.
Left Xi’an for Xiahe, via Lanzhou; a 16 hour trip involving an overnight train and a bus journey, about 100 miles SW of Lanzhou. I originally intended on coming here for the Lantern Festival, but as it is a small Tibetan town with one of the most important monasteries, the Labrang Monastery, changed it to take in the Tibetan New Year festivities. After wandering around taking all the sights during the day, and making friends and swapping email addresses with a monk who had a better mobile phone than I got, headed for the monastery on the second night. There must have been about 2,500 people crammed into a small courtyard in front of the temple. Hung back from the front with the other sightseers (6 or 7 Chinese), when the crowd started to surge forward. Obviously this is where the action was happening and so decided to join in and managed to squeeze myself to the front. I wasn’t even sure what was at the end of all this, but it seemed good fun. Once at the front saw what was happening. A line of Tibetan pilgrims was passing along the front of the temple paying their respects to each of the sculptures fronting each of the seven pillars. But between the pilgrims and us, the crowd, were the ‘enforcers’, some monks and locals there to hold back the crowd and try to organize things so that everything smoothly. As the crowd crept forward ever closer to the temple front so the ‘enforcers’ beat us back with either the sleeves of their coats or with sticks. And so we ebbed and flowed for about an hour, although time flew by, managing to avoid being hit. But only for so long though, I got whacked across my back (still sore after two days), but as everyone else was taking it all with good spirits so did I, but did it hurt. Finally after a while at the front, and convincing a monk that we were really brothers as we both had bald heads, he let me through. So there I was right at the front with the pilgrims passing by the sculptures paying my respects, even having a joke with some of the monks about my hair style, mind you I think the joke was probably on me! The sculptures resembled a 3D version of a Buddhist Thanka (religious painting) but were in fact all made from yak butter, amazing. All too quickly it was over and so was the fun. Although got a hit with a big stick, it was great fun, ebbing and flowing with the crowd and away from the tourists. Although all this fun must have an effect on my head, for as I climb the second flight of stairs to my room,I realized nothing looked familiar. Not only was I not in my hostel, but was in someones private house! Made a quick U-turn, and uttered growling apologies to the totally bemused owner as I departed. A lot of people seem to think that the hairs on my arms are fake and try to pull them off, it starting to get a little sore now. The one down side is the food, Tibetans are lovely people, but yak and noodles (fried or in a soup) is proving to be too much for me. I had six weeks of it when I was in Mongolia and it broke me then – the Gobi desert, rabid dogs and possible outbreak of plague I could handle but not the food. After a while you start to smell of yak fat, not nice. I was planning to go to Jiayuguan tomorrow, 15th, but have been invited to a birthday party so leave on 16th instead.…


Prince of Persia Retro on your iPhone / Touch / IPAD

One game I remember most fondly is the famous Prince of Persia original. Before giving his jump to three dimensions, the game of prince became a classic lifelike animations by combining the characters and fluidity of movement not seen in a videogame.

From today we can play the classic game Prince of Persia Retro on the iPhone / iPod Touch / IPAD, and just made its appearance in the App Store. Despite being the original adventure, graphics correspond to the second part of it, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. The controls leave a bit to be desired, especially taking into account that games platforms are most in need of a good control when you press the buttons and implement actions in due time. Unable to set the position of the same, which deducts points in this assessment. At least this comment is that the iPhone version, I do not know how will the user experience in an IPAD. Best of all is that, for very little money, 0.79 euros, can play a classic video game that has aged extremely well over time. And, as in the original game, we only have 1 hour to save the princess. That if we get used to the controls, which is already an adventure in itself. More info | Prince of Persia Retro

Saturday night was New Years eve and as I had nothing else to do some of my new found friends invited me out for a little fun. This year was the first time in 13 years that fireworks have been allowed for celebrations in Beijing and so tonight was going to be spectacular. The hostel where I’m staying is in the old part of town, with tight narrow lanes and so did not take long to fill up with both locals and tourists. Fireworks of all sorts – rockets, single and ribbons full of crackers and Catherine wheels and some that can be only described as bunker busters just to name a few – were being set off at random and at will by anyone who had them, including my friends and I. The noise was at times deafening and the air acrid with sulphur / gunpowder from the spent fireworks down each and every lane. Whilst we were setting some ground shakers off, with the help of a breeze block in the middle of a random lane, some locals came out of their house and offered some fireworks which resembled grenades – homemade and whose age was uncertain, but one thing was and that being that they were probably unstable. The only way to find out was to light them, and yes they were unstable. We stuck a thick cardboard tube into the breeze block and dropped a lighted grenade down and quickly backed off. Sometimes there would be a little ‘puff’ and it would shoot into the air and explode showering the area around with debris, other times they explode in the tube, but either way the noise left our ears ringing. Everyone enjoyed it, us boys because it made us feel like school kids doing something they knew to be illegal anywhere else in the world but fun, and the locals because they got a display on their doorstep. Too much though as at one stage part of the front of the house caught on fire, which was put out without much problem, we all laughed. As with all nights they come to an end, and so eventually we headed off home cold but happy. 


Kaleidoscope, application to compare files quickly and easily

Kaleidoscope is an application that allows you to quickly compare the differences between text files or images. Detect faults with it, added to or revised text and image files becomes easy and convenient as highlights each of these differences automatically.

All with a truly exquisite design and very Mac-style do for various reasons if you are continually comparing files (. psd,. txt,. png,. jpg,. html ,…) Kaleidoscope is an essential application. Let us further operation.

As a side note, at the start of the nights adventure I went back into the hotel to get my camera. Reached into my bag to get it but all I could feel was something soft and squidgy. I gave it a good squeeze to try and get an idea what it was, and it felt like a sandwich! I quickly withdrew and saw that my bag was in fact the next to this one, and so quickly got my camera and left. So whoever it was that went to the Great Wall and found that their loving made sandwich had morphed into a Henry Moore sculpture it was not a miracle it was me!

It is interesting that in North America it is only after 911 tragedy, that people are realizing the importance of passports.

Your passport is the most single important document that you can own. The only one, recognizable by every country in the globe. Nowadays passport is mandatory for travel to most places even for North Americans.

If you are planning a trip or travel a lot, apply for a passport. And most importantly remember to renew it ? We have a huge number of passengers who where denied boarding because their passport was expired.

In pre-internet age, to book a trip you had to see a travel agent. And your travel agent would check your documents and would inform you if you needed a visa, or your passport was expired. Now after being hit by technology you are on your own buying your travel online !!

Even if you are using a travel agent, most of the times it’s over the phone or by e-mail. Your travel agent may not see you or your documents and may just ask if your passport is valid or if you have proper visa. I know I have a few wonderful clients, who’ve been working with for years and haven’t met them yet. I just know their voices. If I see any of them in person I won’t recognize them until they speak.

Today most travelers are very knowledgeable. But most people miss to check the expiry date of their passports. If you are traveling with two passports make sure both are valid. Having one valid passport won’t necessarily let you travel to your destination or pass through a transit point.

Sunday was spent trying to tune in my body to Beijing time, so didn’t do a lot. Went out to some bars with some mates, didn’t have much to drink but still got back to the hotel at 3.30am

Monday was spent trying to chase down a Kyrgyzstan visa, but the embassy was closed (til Wednesday I think) so just wandered around Tienanmen Square and some markets. Wasn’t really hungry, and certainly didn’t fancy skinned day old chick kebabs, neither come to mention did the baby scorpion, crickets, grubs or seahorse kebabs appeal.

Just a quick note to say that I have arrived safely in Beijing. Wasn’t all plain sailing though, problems getting through departures which meant that I was late getting on to the plane, so much so that they actually took my name off the flight. But it all ended in smiles. Haven’t done much today as when I landed at 9.30am Beijing time it would have been 1am UK time, so when I should have been looking forward to going to bed I had to start a new day! Found a nice hostel, but the taxi man tried to rip me off – buggers the lot of ’em. But the time I had a little wander around, sorted some money out, bought a couple things, got something to eat and had a nap it is now 8.10pm so will just chill out tonight. Bit nippy today -3 degrees. I’ll probabley hire out a bike tomorrow and do a bit of sightseeing. Apart from that not a lot to report. Oh, my backpack should arrive tomorrow (same thing happened last time I was here); hopefully just a day, last time was it took 5 days to arrive.