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MobileRSS HD, the perfect feed reader for the IPAD

Although over time Google Reader has become the default feed reader of many people, there are still great alternatives on the market for reading feeds locally. In problem that has the IPAD is that there is still an adapted version of Google Reader so it is essential to use a good feed reader, in this case we speak of MobileRSS.

Sure the name sounds as you not long ago I showed this program for the iPhone and iPod touch. Its developers have now released an adaptation of the IPAD program and from the moment one of the best for the team. The application has nothing we have not seen in the version of the iPhone, but that it is what makes it such a good application. Repeat formula but thanks to the device now has much more helpful

As it was in a bit a limbo today with the Kyrgyzstan embassy closed decided to do the 10km trek along the Great Wall. The problem with these mountains (and indeed mountains in general) is that they go down, then go back up again!! My little legs took a beating today. It started off ok, then the fist of many climbs loomed into sight. The fist few I took in my stride – naturally being likened to a gazelle on several occasions – but then it hit me. The next climb was a particularly tough one (part of the problem is that most of the climbing steps are a foot or more tall and no more than 6 inches wide at best making some climbs almost sheer). About half way up my heart was pounding so much I couldn’t quite believe how my rib cage kept it contained, every sinew and muscle fibre in my calfs, thighs and lower back were screaming for more oxygen and that if they were anymore taut they would snap. With 20 yards to go my head was pounding, but I decided to go through the pain barrier, it was only a few more feet to what esle can go wrong. As soon as I thought this, some mucus from a recent chest infection came lose and felt as if it was rattling around my chest, leading to a rasping croaky breath. If I started to cough now it would set off a chain reaction and I would be coughing for the next ten minutes, but if I stopped for a rest I knew that it worse trying to restart the climb. So with slow, deliberate steps I inched my way upwards – with each step cursing the day I started smoking! But with all things they come to an end and so did this climb. I sat down with such a thump I was convinced by petite buttocks would be bruised black and blue, just have to make such no one sees them to avoid any awkward questions! The hardest thing while resting was that I would have to repeat this over again before the the 10km’s were up. It was a hard hike, but glad I did it. It is by doing this that just for a few seconds you can appreciate the problems faced by the engineers, builders and soldiers that created and manned the wall. Now I am so tired; I ache all over and want to sleep for three days to recharge, ooohhh can you feel my pain?