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In Mozilla seeking to enter the iPhone from a totally opposite to that taken by Opera a few weeks ago. Everyone was amazed with the acceptance of Apple’s iPhone application for this browser, but the results were not as good as should have been.

Mozilla is not going to try to publish a browser, Firefox Home publish an application that will allow you to sync all data from the desktop Firefox. From Mozilla declare that to the possibility of a full browser is rejected in App Store, either due to technical or policy of the App Store, prefer to bring the possibility for any Firefox user can access the most important data from your desktop version. The history, tabs, bookmarks will be accessible through this application and loaded by Safari. Apple tyrannical policy on occasion, can lead to nonsense like this, that the user does not have something as basic liberty (and a priori harmless) as the choice of which browser to use. But with this implementation at least, we will ensure access to quickly and easily to the data that we have been using our desktop Firefox browser. The application, which will use Firefox Sync, promises to be free but as you can see in the video there is still time for the application appear in the App Store. More Info | The Mozilla Blog

Made it to Xi’an – a cool place to hang out for a few days! and a lot warmer than Beijing. Went to the Terracotta Warriors today, 7th. Seen them before, but still impressive. Didn’t realize how much garlic they use in their cooking until I was shoehorned onto this local bus for an hour – fair took my nasal hair away.

Hope to be Xiahe for the lantern Festival on 12th. Decided to revise my path through the ‘stans, I’ll proberly make it up as I go along. Next two targets are: Urumqi because of the mummies there Kabul It’s the new Rock City

Have not been up to much in the last few days, just doing the tourist thing – Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, Lama Monastery etc. Was waiting to sort out my visa for Kyrgyzstan before heading off to Xi’an and the journey proper, but as they were asking $165 for it to be issued in one day have decided to get it in Urumqi instead so will set off to Xi’an on Sunday, 5th. I believe it was Plato, in his book Republic, who said “a man who lives on thrash / heavy metal is only 3/4 wise”. So in an attempt to find this elusive 1/4 wiseness I went to the opera. It was really cool. They dressed up, sang, danced – didn’t understand a word of it but had a jolly good time, mind you didn’t understand Joe Green’s ‘Trollope’ but that was cool too. The last time I saw that much make-up on 40 something women was in the local wine bars, as they squeezed into clothes that resembled more of a tourniquet than high fashion. I could feel the last few days have gotten colder, but didn’t realize it had dropped to -13 degrees! Yesterday got a little dust in my eye and shed a couple of tears (manly not girlie ones). Before I could wipe them away they had frozen to my face – had visions of tearing my eyeball if I wasn’t careful.