Prince of Persia Retro on your iPhone / Touch / IPAD

One game I remember most fondly is the famous Prince of Persia original. Before giving his jump to three dimensions, the game of prince became a classic lifelike animations by combining the characters and fluidity of movement not seen in a videogame.

From today we can play the classic game Prince of Persia Retro on the iPhone / iPod Touch / IPAD, and just made its appearance in the App Store. Despite being the original adventure, graphics correspond to the second part of it, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. The controls leave a bit to be desired, especially taking into account that games platforms are most in need of a good control when you press the buttons and implement actions in due time. Unable to set the position of the same, which deducts points in this assessment. At least this comment is that the iPhone version, I do not know how will the user experience in an IPAD. Best of all is that, for very little money, 0.79 euros, can play a classic video game that has aged extremely well over time. And, as in the original game, we only have 1 hour to save the princess. That if we get used to the controls, which is already an adventure in itself. More info | Prince of Persia Retro

Saturday night was New Years eve and as I had nothing else to do some of my new found friends invited me out for a little fun. This year was the first time in 13 years that fireworks have been allowed for celebrations in Beijing and so tonight was going to be spectacular. The hostel where I’m staying is in the old part of town, with tight narrow lanes and so did not take long to fill up with both locals and tourists. Fireworks of all sorts – rockets, single and ribbons full of crackers and Catherine wheels and some that can be only described as bunker busters just to name a few – were being set off at random and at will by anyone who had them, including my friends and I. The noise was at times deafening and the air acrid with sulphur / gunpowder from the spent fireworks down each and every lane. Whilst we were setting some ground shakers off, with the help of a breeze block in the middle of a random lane, some locals came out of their house and offered some fireworks which resembled grenades – homemade and whose age was uncertain, but one thing was and that being that they were probably unstable. The only way to find out was to light them, and yes they were unstable. We stuck a thick cardboard tube into the breeze block and dropped a lighted grenade down and quickly backed off. Sometimes there would be a little ‘puff’ and it would shoot into the air and explode showering the area around with debris, other times they explode in the tube, but either way the noise left our ears ringing. Everyone enjoyed it, us boys because it made us feel like school kids doing something they knew to be illegal anywhere else in the world but fun, and the locals because they got a display on their doorstep. Too much though as at one stage part of the front of the house caught on fire, which was put out without much problem, we all laughed. As with all nights they come to an end, and so eventually we headed off home cold but happy. 

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