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Thai Chicken Curry

Thai chicken curry is a traditional Thai dish .Simply curry means combinations of different spicy ingredients in south East Asian countries but Thai chicken curry has exceptional cuisine style and taste and that’s why it is popular all around the world more than that of any other Asian recipe . It is very tough to find those people who are not interested to chicken even vegetarian also likes chicken and when it is Thai chicken curry nothing remains to say.

Ingredients of Thai chicken curry

  • 3 onions , a small size ginger,
  • 4 clove of garlic,two red chili ,
  • lemon grass,sesame oil
  • Soya sauce , fish sauce
  • dried coriander powder
  • some cumin, salt
  • Tomatoes Pore
  • coriander
  • coconut milk ,brown sugar
  • Chicken ½ kilo ,
  • vegetable ( red pepper, carrot , Green beans etc )

Method of making Thai chicken curr

First slice garlic , onion ,ginger ,red chili  lemon grass  and coriander with a proper size then put those on a blander for making paste and then add  one teaspoon of salt ,two teaspoon of coriander powder, one tea spoon of white chili, one tea spoon of cumin .Now run the blander for a minute and then again add one teaspoon of sesame oil ,three teaspoon of soya sauce and fish sauce ,add some tomatoes  pore and last add some juice of lime after adding of those ingredients blend well and make paste for Thai chicken curry .

Heat two spoon of oil with a pan and the add the paste which was made before and after a minute add  coconut milk to this mixture and then let it some time  to be mix well .Now add your chopped chicken in this mixture  then give 5 minute to boil the chicken  .

After boiling this mixture add all vegetable with little water which was chopped before for this recipe and also mix one teaspoon of brown sugar then give 10 minutes to boil well . Now  and it is ready to serve. Also McDonalds menu offers a wide range of veg. and nonvegburgers and wraps to satisfy your taste buds

Thai chicken curry and health tips

This recipe is delicious and nutritious too .It Thai Chicken Recipe contains low amount of animal fat which makes it as risk free from censer and heart disease. Considering coconut milk as key ingredient which is also very nutritive .which has less saturated fat and fewer calories.…

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